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It’s free to join the Radium BoxPartner Programme

The Radium Box Partner programme for Digital Signature Certificate enables us to meet your specific needs depending on your business model and the collaboration approach.

The Radium Box Partner Programme is a flexible framework designed to meet the differing needs of a variety of partner business models including:
  • Registration Authority (RA)
  • Registration Authority Agent (RAA)
  • Security PKI USB Token Reseller
  • Biometric Device Reseller
  • Referral Partners
  • Programme benefits

    Our competitive pricing in sell-through opportunities is designed to gain a competitive edge and win business. Recurring commission will be paid to partners that work with us to market and sell our solutions, which increases based on the value you bring to Radium Box. If you choose just to refer, or recommend customers to us, we will pay you a one-time commission once the deal has closed successfully.

    Depending on your business needs and the way we collaborate, a wealth of marketing resources and support including marketing collateral, co-brandedRadium Boxcampaigns, marketing funds and marketing support are available to enable partners to:

    • build sales funnel
    • better target customers
    • gain competitive advantage

    Engagement and collaboration
    We will provide resources and tools that make it easy for us to work together and win business. From onboarding, presales to post sales and service delivery, our experienced and dedicated team will support your sales or referral efforts. Additional support is available on special request and could be paid, contact for the same via our Radium Box Portal.

    Joint business and marketing planning
    A key step in working and winning together is joint planning. As part of the planning process, we will both understand where we can:

    • best align with Brand Radium Box
    • build strong joint value propositions and solutions
    • map out market opportunities for other Services of Radium Box

    Training and certification
    Easy access to training will help you jump start your partnership with us, getting you selling more quickly and accelerating your potential for revenue growth. With certifications available for sales, presales and post sales across our portfolio of services, you can build on your existing competency and really differentiate yourselves against your competitors.

    Why Become Radium Box Partner?

    • Best and Competitive Prices
    • Avail Best Prices for Class 2 & Class 3 DSC
    • Registration of Digital Signature from your office
    • Fast Issuance with Compliance
    • Working Time extended on some Specific days
    • No burden of sending docs via courier every day
    • Report generation facility of issued DSC for client billing
    • Get Benefit of GST – Goods and Service Tax.
    • DSC – Digital Signature Renewals.

    Radium Box offers you digital signature certificate renewals. Buy at attractive renewal pricing without the need for a new USB token. Simply buy online, send documents and download the renewed digital signature, at your end on your existing token. Our Online payment system supports all major credit cards, debit cards and internet banking options. You may also choose to pay by sending us a Demand Draft or Cheques by courier along with the documents. If you are willing to pay by EMI then please contact our DSC Manager.