Start PAN Card Center

use Biometric Fingerprint Device for enrollment

Start an Authorized Service Provider for Pan Card

Start Your Authorized Pan Card Services Centre. Open An Authorized PAN Card Application Centre and Issue Pan Card For All Over India. Get Authorized Certificate & Support.
Apply for PAN Card of all type of person whether Individual, Firm, Company, Society, Trust, AOP, and BOI in the earliest possible time.
If you are willing start your own business or want to add some online business your current business or want to increase foot fall of residents then you must have to start this. You only have to receive PAN applications and after getting enrolled provide instant Acknowledgement to the applicant. You have to Charge Rs. 110/- as per Unit Trust of India under Income Tax Department - Government of India.
As you know that in India PAN Card is a Must for almost all Banking Transactions, Loan approval, any types of financial transactions, for MCA, Digital Signature Certificates. eTendering, eProcurements, and many more. Radium Box is now offering you to become a part of Digital India initiative with Skill Development mission to become a successful businessman.
PAN Card is the laminated plastic card consists of ten digits alphanumeric Permanent Account Number of Income Tax Department. You will be authorized as PSA (PAN Card Service Agent), Online PAN Agent and VLE (Village Level Entrepreneurs)

For collection of PAN applications at various places including suburban and rural most areas of India, Radium Box is appointing various Channel Partner or Associates primarily for distribution and Collection of PAN Form49A and CSF of the applicants as PAN Card Center. The applicants fill up the form as per the guidelines available on the PAN application forms and submit the same or courier to Head Office of Radium Box.

For housing a PAN Card Centre, the following infrastructure is mandatory.
Basic infrastructure requirement:
  • Office space of minimum 100 square feet.
  • A landline phone.
  • Availability of drinking water, drop box, sitting place, proper ventilation, lighting, housekeeping, etc.
  • Computer with internet connectivity.
  • Should have more than 2 staff.

PAN Card Application Process Work Flow
New PAN Card application

Application for lost or changes in Pan Card.
Step 1
Basic infrastructure requirement:
  • PAN card coupons to its Distributor cost in Rs. 107/- in advance.
  • VLE shall download the form through web site :
  • VLE had to prepare Stamp for PSA CODE.
  • VLE can trace the Pan Card application status through site
Step 2
  • VLE will fill up PAN Card application form for the customer as per the instructions given in the form.
  • VLE will have to sign on application form and fill the Pre Form entry on his Live Portal.
  • VLE will issue acknowledgement to the customer.
Step 3
  • VLE will have to write PSA code (allotted to him) on the top of the application form.
  • VLE has to write AO code / AO Type / Range Code / AO No. in the given column of Application form.
  • For AO Codes for your circle kindly ask for the assistance.
  • VLE will courier the collected forms to Radium Box Corporate office every week.