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Smart Identity ID PRO

Professional ID printing solutions

is the most versatile Aadhaar Printing App, available for Microsoft Windows. It transforms the e-Aadhaar PDF file into a CR80 sized card, as per UIDAI standards.
Smart Identity Pro is formatting software which extracts a printable CR80 sized card layout, from an E-Aadhaar PDF file, as per UIDAI standards. 
E-Aadhaar PDFs can be obtained directly from UIDAI portal/services, after OTP/Biometric user authorization.
Features Include -
  • One-Click e-Aadhaar Parsing.
  • Various card customization options, for pre-printed/blank cards. (Enable/Disable Card Elements like Header, Footer, Barcode, Photobox etc).
  • Picture editing for enhanced print results.
  • Font Adjustment option for native texts.
  • Adjustments are available for preprinted cards with incorrect offsets.
  • Reports for tracking Prints.
  • Works with any CR80 card Printer. (Thermal/Inkjet)
  • Frequent Software updates, with improved experience and features every time.
  • Easy system migration (limited to once in 7 days).
  • Also available for bulk printing on A4 sheets (10 cards each).


Smart Identity Pro requires the below software requisites before it can run.
  • .Net 4.0 full version (or Higher)
  • Adobe Reader DC
Make sure both are installed properly before running Smart Identity Pro. 
Other than this, Smart Identity Pro installation is as easy as pie.


You can download and install Smart Identity from the Downloads Tab. This is a demo version which has most necessary functionality. However, a Watermark image shall be embedded in the Cards. To remove the watermark you can purchase a license or apply for a Smart Identity Wallet.
Usage Policy
  • * It is the sole responsibility of the user to validate the authenticity of the E-Aadhaar Files, being used with Smart Identity Pro. Only files containing valid UIDAI digital signatures should be considered authentic.
  • ** Licenses are issued per Windows System but can be migrated to a different system maximum once in 7 Calander days. Support is provided, subject to compliance with our fair usage policy.
  • *** In case of any violation, the issued License/Wallet shall be immediately deactivated and considered null and void.


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