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Mantra MFS 101 Best for android mobile

Brand: mantra
Warranty: 1 Year
Manufacturer: Mantratek
Condition: New
Price: ₹1899 (Including Tax)
Biometric Devices

Best New Mantra MFS 101 Fingerprint Biometric scanner for using in Android Mobile with C Type for CSC VLE, Pay nearby, SBI, Jeevan Pramaan, Life certificate for pensioners, IGR Maharashtra, Ayushmaan Bharat Yojna, Airtel Sim Activation, PayTM KYC, Jeevan Pramaan for Life Certificate generation, CSC Portal, Mutual Fund CAMS KYC, Digital Locker, Digital Signatures etc.

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Product Description

Mantra MFS 101 is STQC certified device and an updated Avtar of Mantra existing scanner MFS which is very sleek and compact to be kept in pocket even and can be used while roaming with your existing Android mobile. If you are searching for a UIDAI Certified Single Fingerprint scanner for Aadhaar Authentication to be used with mobile then Mantratec MFS 101 is the best suitable device for you. 

This device comes with One Year warranty in which you will get a device after repair from OEM Manufacturer, however, you may opt for Radium Warranty in which you can get replacement warranty of one year.

This Mantra MFS 101 ready with RD Service which stands for Registered Device Service. It is mandatory in case of Aadhaar enrollment and Authentication. RD service actually means that your biometric device will be registered with the OEM server and then only you can use it to verify your aadhaar number. It is mandatory now for most of the applications like Jeevan Praman, Rent Agreement IGR, Bank POS and Micro ATM, AEBAS, Paytm, Paynearby etc.


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