Radium Box UGR 86 UIDAI Approved USB GPS Receiver for AADHAAR

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Radium Box UGR 86 UIDAI Approved USB GPS Receiver for AADHAAR - USB GPS receivers for real-time Lat Long data and street navigation by using your laptop for graphical plotting and positioning of Aadhaar center to get data integrated with each Aadhaar enrollment to be extracted by UIDAI. This is most sold USB GPS Receiver for Aadhaar.

Radium Box UGR 86 Model Features

UIDAI Certified for AADHAAR Connection with any normal USB from any system
Plug and Play
Real-Time Location wherever this device is plugged
in USB
Robust design with ABS body
Compact size (Easy to carry)
Warranty Period for every Unit is 1 year from the date of sale.
For further assistance needs to sent email - mail@radiumbox.com
In warranty period if any tempering case is there then the customer has to pay repairing charges.

Additional benefit - You could get additional and extended warranty for your device with the very nominal fee, this will ensure business interest for a long term.


The government of India has decided to use Global Positioning System (GPS) for tracking and monitoring of Unique Identification AADHAAR (UID Kit) machines that will scan the iris and 10 fingerprints of registering for their 12-digit UID No. or AADHAAR identification number. The ECMP Aadhaar enrollment client has a feature of attaching STQC certified GPS attendance. The system has been designed to make the same mandatory through Sync process. The capture of Latitude and Longitude using GPS enables control on the movement of machines, and help implement Geo-fencing and thereby enhance the security of the enrollment process. And for the strengthening security of the enrollment system, Registrars and Enrollment Agencies are hereby required to start using GPS with immediate effect, It is also hereby decided to make GPS mandatory in all the ECMP Client w.e.f 15th March 2017. Any ECMP machine not having GPS will cease after the deadline date. You could buy in bulk or lot also GPS Devices for Aadhaar Kit. UGR Devices is same as BU353 GPS USB Devices. Since Long UIDAI feels the need for GPS-based UID machines was felt for enhancing the security of the machines. It was seen that the UID authorities did not have any ways of knowing where the machines have been installed. So for the securities reasons, GPS enabled tracking will be mandatory to install. Here you could find the cheapest and best GPS device for UIDAI Aadhaar. You could download the drivers of the GPS from this link. 

Radium Box Features, Model- UGR 86 :

  • 1. Connection with any normal USB from any system
  • 2. Plug and Play
  • 3. Real-Time Location wherever this device is plugged in USB
  • 4. Robust design with ABS body
  • 5. Compact size (Easy to carry)
  • 6. Additional warranty AMC for two and three years. (Paid)


Radium Box GPS Module Specifications

GPS L1 Band Receiver

GLONASS L1 Band Receiver




33 (Tracking) / 99 (Acquisition)

Horizontal Position Accuracy (autonomous)

<2.5 m CEP

Velocity Accuracy (without aid)


Acceleration Accuracy (without aid)

0.1 m/s²

Timing Accuracy (1 PPS out)

10 ns


Operating Temperature

Storage Temperature                                                                              



-400 to +850 C

-450 to +1250 C

Cold Start                                                       

Warm Start                                                     

Hot Start                                                          












Other Hardware Specifications


USB 2.0


External Antenna (optional)            

recommended antenna AA.107.301111  

with 3M cable length

Internal Battery

3.7 v 1100mAh LI-ION Battery (optional)


Yellow –  GPS

Green –   PC connection


79mm x 48mm x 28mm (L, B, H)

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