Cogent Registration of Device Service - RD Service for Cogent CSD 200

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RD Service Aadhaar for Cogent CSD 200 - Radium Box is providing all types of support for Registration of Device on the Aadhaar Portal to fulfill the norms of L0 and L1 compatibility. Cogent CSD 200 is the Single Fingerprint Biometric Devices which is being using in many application and will need to be Registered as RD Services.

Gemalto Cogent (Previous 3M) is the biggest brand in India for Biometric Devices and as per current norms or UIDAI, Gov. of India all public device should be registered as RD Service or Registered Device Services. If your device is asking for the RD Services or activation code then you will must have to get RD Services. You could get the facility of all types of RD services at one place called Radium Box RD Service Portal. Radium Box is authorised distributor of Gemalto 3M Cogent CSD 200. Just pay a subscription fee and you will get the way to register your device. Even if you have purchased from online Marketplaces you will have to get the device register as per norms. So if you have Cogent CSD 200 USB Single Fingerprint Device then you could get the Registration of your device on the portal of Radium Box.

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