SP02 Pulse Oximeter Trueview

SPO2 Finger tip clip Digital Pulse Oximeter of Trueview

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This portable FS Pulse Oximeter is very easy to be used. It can be used to measure blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) value and pulse rate accurately. The FS Pulse Oximeter is intended for noninvasive spot-check measurement of functional oxygen saturation of arterial haemoglobin (SpO2). Advanced DSP algorithm can reduce the influence of motion artefact and improve the measurement accuracy of low perfusion.

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Product Description

Pulse Oximeter Use

Pulse oximeter and Coronavirus infection

The pulse oximeter is a non-invasive, a clip-like device to measure the concentration of oxygen in the blood. It is an easy, painless measure to check how much oxygen is being sent to each and every part of the body.

How does Pulse Oximeter work?
• Clip like Probe attached to fingertip.
• LED emit light from one side, this light passes through arteries(blood vessel) and received by the photosensor.
• Display Panel shaws pulse rate and Oxygen level.
• the instruments provide a mechanism of a sound beep when the saturation level change. For low and high pulse rates and low and high oxygen saturation level alarm is given.

How Oximeter save a life in Covid-19 patient?

Covid-19 or Corona is diseased in which virus attack and damage the lung cell. The patient’s lung cell is attacked by the virus and lung cell are
damage, in severe virus attack lung stop function or disfunction. The patient immune system creates antibody and gradually the patient gets recovery.

But, if Covid-19 attack is severe and acute. The patient’s lung is heavily damaged and his blood oxygen saturation level is less than 90 per cent. The
the patient complains a breathing problem or shortness of breath. , from symptoms, doctor assess the seriousness and risk of the patient health condition and then prepare the treatment plan for the patient, for example, take the patient for an intensive care unit or the patient may be given extra oxygen or ventilator support and other medical treatment. But in some case, Covid-19 virus is a silent killer, The virus sneaks upon a patient, it arrives before the doctor are ready for it and enter into lung and damage lung heavily, due to absence of symptoms the doctor can not access the severe Hypoxia and acute Pneumonic of the patient, so, no treatment is given, even though, the patient condition is serious. Gradually, the patient condition deteriorates day by day, and the patient die.
In this type of situation Pulse Oximeter, play an important role, Pulse Oximeter, timely alarm the doctor about the patient severe condition and then,the appropriate care and proper treatment are started during early detection stage, so the patient service and cure.

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