Radium Box UGR86

About UGR86

UIDAI AADHAAR Certified UGR 86 is a USB GPS Receiver, which can be connected to USB supportive systems. Here are the features of UGR86:-

  • Connection with any normal USB from any system
  • Plug and Play
  • Real Time Location wherever this device is plugged in USB
  • Robust design with ABS body
  • Compact size (Easy to carry)

Please Download File Click here.

We suggest the following steps to Install

1. Download File

Please Download File:- Click here. You will get a download file in zip Format.

2. STEP 2

Extract the downloaded link and driver is ready to install.

3. STEP 3

Double click on CDM setup, you will get an access request Click ‘Yes’ and proceed.

4. STEP 4

Now, Extract the Windows driver package.

Click on I accept, next and Finish.

Now, the device is ready to use.

5. How to Connect:-

Just connect the UGR86 device with the system through USB cable. LED Indications:-

1. Power (Green):-
If LED is blinking: Device is powered on.

2. GPS LED (Amber):-
If LED flashes: Device has acquired valid GPS signal.


1. For acquiring GPS signal the device should be placed under open sky or any window.

2. To acquire GPS signal it might takes 10-15 mins.

Do’s and Don’ts:-

Plug USB cable gently to UGR86
Keep the UGR86 Device away from water.